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Note Pads

Custom notepads are one of the most widely used office products available, so why not take advantage of their popularity by using them to promote your business? In addition to being a useful promotional item, custom notepads can also provide a marketing opportunity on every page by keeping your contact information at users’ fingertips.

Note pads produced in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Here are a few tips to maximize the effectiveness of your notepads:

  • Rather than blank pages, consider creating a lined notepad, or even a bulleted list design, such as a shopping list notepad.
  • To make your notepad memorable, consider creative elements such as rounded edges, three-hole drilling (depending on the size), or brightly colored paper.
  • To increase convenience, consider adding a magnet on the back of the pad so it can be hung on a fridge.
  • Include a professional photo of yourself on your notepad to not only add a personalized touch, but also help people put a face with your name and remember who you are.
  • Distribute your notepad at meetings and conferences with a matching branded pen for increased convenience.

Whether you need an oversized notepad or a mini-pocket notepad, we’re here to help

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